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    Grow box Michigan

    Grow box MICHIGAN is a fully automated device for growing plants at home. The device has ventilation installed, whose task is to circulate air to eliminate the development of mold or fungus. The energy-saving COB MOROCCO LED illuminator fully replaces the sun's rays for the proper course of photosynthesis. For even greater comfort of use, the MICHIGAN grow box has been equipped with a wi-fi module to control the cultivation parameters from anywhere in the world using a dedicated application (iOS, Android).

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    Fox Plant

    The Fox Plant growing container is a tribute to the ecological and autonomous cultivation of plants. An innovative farm independent of external factors, with the possibility of equipping with modern technologies and control functions. Our departments adapt the parameters of the equipment to a specific crop, so that it receives the best possible development conditions.


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    Carbon filter Magnum

    The patented "Double-flow patent" system used in our filters, thanks to its pioneering construction technology, means that we can filter the air much more effectively than in existing filters on the market. The Gren Fox design department has met your expectations and has developed a revolutionary solution for the construction of a carbon filter. Thanks to the combination of Double flow patent technology and the highest quality Carbon Max activated carbon, we have obtained a carbon filter with the highest efficiency on the market. Magnum Gren Fox filters are the most effective and economical solution in their class.

We want to return to nature

The Gren Fox company was founded out of love for nature, ecology and a hygienic lifestyle.

Today's world is polluted. It is difficult to live healthy when the food is full of chemistry and smog is in the air.

We decided to meet the huge challenge of general environmental pollution.
We have created a comprehensive system for the organic cultivation of plants, both on a micro scale - for domestic needs and macro - for a larger, industrial scale.

Our research and development and construction departments are constantly improving our products in close cooperation with Swiss and American biotechnology research institutes.

We are a producer of all devices we offer, which allows us to tailor products to individual customer needs.