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We want to return to nature

The GREN FOX company is a Polish producer of professional solutions for growing ecological, nutritious and healthy plants. We employ 150 employees and each of them strives to make our products meet the requirements of our clients every day, make them reliable, the best and the most competitive on the market.

We do not agree with what today's world offers us...

That is why we give you the opportunity to choose between vegetables full of harmful chemistry and your own, full-fledged, truly BIO products. At the same time, observing the constantly growing ECO trend in professional gardening production, we have also prepared an offer for crops on a larger, industrial scale. Having at our disposal production halls with a total area of ​​12,000 m², we are able to implement virtually every new idea, but also our client's. Modern machine park and facilities of highly qualified specialists additionally allow us to provide services in the field of metalworking, laser cutting and plastic production. Our Research and Development Department constantly cooperates with institutions promoting healthy nutrition, which is why our offer will systematically include new, perfect devices for growing healthy, natural food on our own.


GREN FOX was created out of love for nature, a healthy lifestyle, for love of people...

"You are what you eat"

And we are here to let you love the world of organic plants - for yourself...