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The MALTA mini greenhouse is an automatic device that will allow you to grow fresh and aromatic vegetables and herbs in your own home in an ecological and extremely pleasant way.

From today, all year round, without worrying about the outside conditions, you can enjoy your own vegetables, which will always be "at hand".

The beautiful design of the MALTA mini greenhouse will make home-grown farming an extraordinary decoration of your interior.

For comfort of use, Gren Fox designers have made sure that without excessive effort you can serve your loved ones vegetables and cultivated herbs:
• without fertilizers
• without spraying
• without pests, fungi, mold diseases and other pathogens

It's time for you to have control over what goes to your plate ...

The combination of many innovative solutions will make your crop grow in comfortable conditions, giving abundant, tasty and healthy crops.
You don't have to be an avid gardener!
You don't need to have secret knowledge!

Our MALTA mini greenhouse will control for you:
• exposure time - extremely effective LED lighting
plant hydration

You only have to:
• choice of cultivated species - adjustable height gives the opportunity to grow slightly higher vegetables
• choice of cultivation method - traditional in the ground or hydroponic cultivation
Our amazing MALTA mini greenhouse will take care of the rest ...

We are convinced that you and your family can stay as we are
                               MASTER OF GROWING

For one's health...
For taste...
For satisfaction ...