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specialised air
handling units

Create ideal air parameters for your plants.

Adjust our specialist air handling unit with our specialists directly to the needs of your cultivation. Thanks to the ONTARIO control panel dedicated to greenhouses and arable halls, you will protect your plants against insect invasion, fungal growth and maintain a constant temperature and an appropriate level of CO2.

AHU with a cross-flow exchanger, EU5 and EU9 class filters, water heater, freon cooler*

ONTARIO are air handling units ensuring the highest air comfort.
Air handling units are the main device of a mechanical ventilation system that extracts used air from the rooms while providing the same amount of filtered, fresh and clean air.
The Ontario central unit uses heat energy from the removed air, thanks to which you save up to 30% on heating in winter. This is possible thanks to a special heat exchanger that cools the supply air from the outside with warming energy from the extract air.

The Green Fox Ontario headquarters is equipped with high-class filters that effectively clean the air of allergens and constant ventilation prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi in your Indoor cultivation (e.g. greenhouse, greenhouse), which has a very beneficial effect on the development of your plants. Thanks to the operation of the Ontario central unit, the entire air exchange process is controlled by a modern ventilation system.

The controller's advantage is the supervision over temperature, filter cleanliness, and fan speed.
Thanks to this, you can have full control over very important parameters for the development of your plants.
On individual order, it is possible to connect a module that allows remote control via a computer or smartphone.
The Ontario central office can stand on the ground or can be suspended from the ceiling.

• you have the option of automatically turning off the heat recovery function temporarily by by pass or you can stop the heat exchanger.
• You save thanks to the energy recovery of warm extract air up to approx. 80% recovery.
• top-quality sound insulation thanks to high-class silencers.
• easy disassembly of the exchanger for cleaning.
• easy filter replacement.
• filters with the highest medical class H14 can be ordered.
• it is possible to control the operation of the air handling unit depending on internal air parameters such as humidity, CO2 content in the greenhouse or cultivated hall. For example, exceeding the set humidity parameters should increase the intensity of ventilation
• in the event of a fire, you can protect your crop from burning.