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grow box - set

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Grow box MICHIGAN is a fully automated device for growing plants at home.

Many years of testing and observations of problems encountered in the cultivation of many species have allowed the design and production of an ideal solution.

Using the controller, we can easily monitor parameters necessary for the proper development of plants, such as

• temperature
• humidity
• irrigation
• lighting

The device has ventilation installed, whose task is to circulate air to eliminate the development of mold or fungus.

The energy-saving COB MOROCCO LED illuminator fully replaces the sun's rays for the proper course of photosynthesis.

The built-in "calendar" function allows you to enter the required number of lighting hours for each day of the week, perfectly regulating the growth and rest phases of your plants.

Bearing in mind the different demand of different species of plants for light intensity, we have the ability to smoothly regulate the light energy supplied by means of a potentiometer.

To eliminate unpleasant smells associated with some crops, an extremely efficient carbon filter and special gaskets were installed.

The MICHIGAN grow box requires minimal user supervision over its crops, also by automating the irrigation process. The convenience is that you need to replenish your water supply once every few days. Soil moisture is measured by precision sensors that monitor soil moisture, eliminating the risk of overflowing or drying.

For even greater comfort of use, the MICHIGAN grow box has been equipped with a wi-fi module to control the cultivation parameters from anywhere in the world using a dedicated application (iOS, Android).

MICHIGAN Grow box is ideal for traditional cultivation in the ground, as well as in the hydroponic system.

Equipping our grow box with a solid key lock means that your crop is protected against damage and unauthorized access.

Due to the use of many amenities, the grower remains the decision to choose plants and planting them. The rest will take care of the device designed and manufactured by the only manufacturer on the Polish market of this type of device - the company Gren Fox wishing to return to nature.

Product is made of stainless steel.

Set contains:

• MAROKO 3 - COB illuminator

power: 320W / 230V

lumens: 52 000

light colour: 3500K

colour: copper gold

IP: IP44

index: 008-0024

• ETER 100

airflow: 100 m3/h

acoustic pressure: 40 dB(A)

power: 15W

colour: white

IP: IP44

index: 008-0044

control panel with the possibility of irrigation

ventilation - GRAND

carbon filter

300W heater

plant net brackets

lamp fixing brackets

keyed lock


* Actual product realization differs from the one presented in the pictures.
   Product under construction and visual changes.

** Deadline for shipment of goods from the date of order - 14 days.
     In case of extension of the deadline, the customer will be informed.